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St-Barth, November 19, 2015

The St-Barth Cata Cup starts today!

All the big names of F18 Class are on-site

SAINT-BARTH CATA-CUP 2015 : ST BARTH ASSURANCES-ALLIANZ 2 (Orion MARTIN, Charles GATE) © Emmanuel DuclosThe weather conditions are looking favorable for this eighth edition of the St-Barth Cata Cup, according to Didier Flamme, President of the race committee for the St-Barth Cata Cup.

« The first two days, we are expecting winds between 12 and 15 knots, continually strengthening Saturday and Sunday, which is perfect and will allow us to put together a great race program. I was looking at the list of registered boats and the level is very homogenous so I think that we will have a great regatta. »

Each year, the organization is successful at bringing together a good combination of competitors, both amateur and professional. According to Orion Martin, one of the racers representing France, the level will be even more interesting this time around. « This year, the bigger names of sailing like Cammas or Besson are not competing but on the other hand, the level of F18 racers is very high. We have a couple of World Champions and a lot of teams that do well together during the season. I think that this year will be harder than the past events since all of the top names of the Class are sailing. It will magical on the water ! »


Follow the races live on the Web

New at the St-Barth Cata Cup this year: races in live! Thanks to Dotvision Motion and its GPS and GPRS tracking system, it will be possible to follow all of the action in St-Jean Bay. Each boat will be identified by name and country, all you have to do is click on the icon to see the position, speed and ranking. For those who have missed the live, you can also go back to see the races. Go to to follow the racers.

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The St-Barth Cata Cup starts today!
St-Barth, November 19, 2015

All the big names of F18 Class are on-site

Argentina to make a first appearance at the St-Barth Cata Cup
Saint-Barth, October 21, 2015

For the first time in the history of the event, two teams from Argentina will be competing against teams from 15 other nations who have signed up for the 8th edition of the regatta. Cruz Gonzales Smith will be sailing with Mariano Heuser whereas Juan Faustin will team up with Nicolas Aragones.

Another quickly booked up edition!
St-Barth, May 21, 2015

Argentina and England will be represented for the first time in the history of the regatta    

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