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November 23, 2013

The Boulogne Brothers Prevail

      Two races around the island of Saint Barthélemy were on the schedule for this third day of the 2013 Cata Cup. The Boulogne brothers, after some serious battling out on the water, were the winners of the RE-MAX Prize.


      The competitors had a little hors d’oeuvre before the main course: they had a warm-up race in the bay of Saint Jean, before the primary event of the day, the much-anticipated tour around the island of Saint Barthélemy.


      There were winds from the East/North at 15 knots most of the day. The waves were consistent, allowing the sailors to achieve steady speeds and to put their boats to the task in weather conditions perfectly adapted to these sports cats.


      The procedures for the start of the first regatta got underway at about 10am, after an issue that obliged the committee to recalibrate the line. The buoys were placed respectively at Pointe Milou, at the level of Toc Vert, and at Frégate.


       Bundock/Van Leeuwen (Guanahani 1) crossed the finish line first after a half hour of sailing during which they were the uncontested leaders from start to finish. The Bundock/Van Leeuwen duo was able to sail slightly faster than the others. “The first regatta was fantastic,” declared the Australian. “We had the best start and remained at the head of the fleet throughout the race.” At the end of the race, they had a very comfortable lead over the Boulogne brothers (ALLIANZ-St Barth Assurances 1) and Martin/Gate (ALLIANZ-St Barth Assurances 4), who came in second and third.


ST-BARTH Cata -Cup 2013 : Grand Prix Remax © © Pierrick Contin        Emmanuel and Vincent Boulogne were the winners of the legendary around-the-island race. Emmanuel notes upon arrival: “We decided not to take too many risks during this event. We got a lot of advice from the locals. And we were in a good spot from the top of the race.” The regatta started at Pointe Milou, with the sailors heading east, toward the Grenadines, to sail between the little islands of Ile Coco and Roche Roube. They then headed past Saline and the marker at Gouverneur, before sailing past Pain Sucre and the Baleines and into the bay of Gustavia, by Bœuf and Colombier to cross the finish line.


       The views were spectacular but the sailors cannot enjoy them at 100%, as indicates Canadian Patrick Laroche, teammate of Anthony Boueilh (Filles des îles): “It is a true paradise here…! But I couldn’t admire the beauty of the island very much as there was so much to do aboard. The conditions were not simple, as the winds were variable.


        On the competitive level, the race played out around Saline. Cammas/Vandame , Bundock/Van Leeuwen, Martin/Gate, and Boulogne brothers rapidly sailed away from the rest of the fleet. The two winners who were pressing from behind when reaching Saline were able to take advantage of the situation that presented itself: “We made almost the entire tour of the island as a fleet of four boats, and at the entry to Gustavia, of the four boats we were the one to have the best luck. We were a little to the interior but were able to escape and take a lead of 100 meters over the others.”


       NIKKI BEACH hosted the sailors at the end of both races, and organized two meals right on the beach for lunch and dinner. The Boulogne brothers were the big winners of the day, taking home the RE/MAX Prize.


     Gustavo Caricote, the director of RE/MAX in the Caribbean, attended the soirée and the prize giving along with David VanderNoot, who has run the RE/MAX office in Saint Barthélemy for the past seven years. “The Saint Barthélemy branch is one of my favorites,” affirms Caricote. “I am a good friend of the manager, David VanderNoot. I don’t sail—I love to ski in Colorado—but I am happy to be able to support an event of this type and help develop the sport on the island.” The international RE/MAX real estate agency, founded in 1973 in Denver, Colorado, is represented in 90 countries around the world.


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Cammas And Vandame Win The 2013 Saint Barth Cata Cup
November 24, 2013
© © Pierrick Contin
         Steadiness paid off for the duo Cammas/Vandame (Hotel Guanahani 2) who won the 6th edition of the Saint Barth Cata Cup beating Bundock/Van Leeuwen (Hotel Guanahani 1) and the Boulogne Brothers (Allianz-Saint Barth Assurances). The Formula 18 sailors aboard Guanahani 2 were able to remain in the top four from the very first moments of the regatta.

The Boulogne Brothers Prevail
November 23, 2013
© © Pierrick Contin
      Two races around the island of Saint Barthélemy were on the schedule for this third day of the 2013 Cata Cup. The Boulogne brothers, after some serious battling out on the water, were the winners of the RE-MAX Prize.

Cammas and Vandame Winners On Day Two
November 22, 2013

      The second day of the regatta, sailed under the colors of Allianz-Saint-Barth Assurances, was very busy: the race committee launched all 55 boats for two fantastic races. Cammas and Vandame (Guanahani) were the day’s winners, taking the lead over the rest of the fleet for the first race, while the Hainneville brothers (Hotel Association) won the second race.

Bundock and Van Leeuwen Leaders On Day One
November 21, 2013
© © Pierrick Contin
       Darren Bundock and Jeroen Van Leeuwen are the winners on this first day of regattas in the bay of Saint Jean. These two sailors succeeded in maintaining a lead over Franck Cammas and Mathieu Vandame for the second half of the race.

Last detail under the tropical sun
November 20, 2013
© © Pierrick Contin
      On Wednesday, the sailors in the Saint Barth Cata Cup made the last adjustments to their boats as they checkout out the race itineraries. The event organizers and volunteers finalized the registrations, while Thursday is a big day: the 55 teams hit the waves in the bay of Saint Jean for the first day of racing.

Back In Saint Barth
November 18, 2013
© © Pierrick Contin
This week started off on a good foot for the participants of the Saint Barth Cata Cup. They got a great gift: sea containers… full of their boats!

Saint Barth Cata Cup: Toward The Starting Line
October 14, 2013
© Pierrick Contin
  In less than a week, 100 passionate Formula 18 racers will gather in Saint Barth for the Saint Barth Cata Cup. While the participants are packing their bags, their boats are crossing the ocean on a cargo ship. As for the Cata Cup organizers, they are finalizing the last details to make sure that the sailors and their families enjoy the warm welcome typical of the island.

Saint Barth Cata Cup: Franck Cammas, A Prestigious Patron
Monday, October 28, 2013
© Pierrick Contin
On November 18, in less than a month, 57 teams of two will set sail in the Bay of Saint Jean for the 6th annual Saint Barth Cata Cup. And the surprise of this edition is that award-winning French sailor Franck Cammas will be on hand wearing two hats, one as competitor and one as patron of the event.

The Place To Be 
Tuesday, 1 October 2013
© Pierrick Contin /STBarth CataCup 2010
Where is “The Place To Be” on November 18-26, 2013? Saint Barthélemy, of course, as that is when more than 60 Formula 18 catamaran racers from around the world will take part in the Saint Barth Cata Cup, a regatta that features both the conviviality of the island’s residents and high-level nautical competition in a natural setting that can’t be beat.

Saint Barth Cata Cup, Paradise For The Formula 18 Class
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
© Pierrick Contin
Crystal clear water, white sands, coconut palms, and light tropical breezes: that describes the island of St Barth, the lustrous pearl of the French Caribbean where the Saint Barth Cata Cup will take place November 18-26, 2013. This regatta has become such a highlight of the Formula 18 class that the registrations for 2013 were completely filled within 8 minutes and 34 seconds after they were opened: a record time that speaks for itself!

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