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St Barth Cata Cup Sets Sail November 17

Fast Facts: 

• Fourth annual St Barth Cata Cup Gets Underway 

• Champions and passionate amateurs

• Technical and tactical races

• Tropical conditions 

Registration, checking the rudders, last minute adjustments to the rigging, setting sail to check out the waters in Saint Jean: the participants in the Saint Barth Cata were getting set to line up on the starting line. Champions and amateurs were out on the water to measure, calculate, and test their boats. This year, the world-class Caribbean regatta was “sold-out.” The roster of sailors is like that of an international championship. Even if Australian Darren Bundock, four-time Formula 18 world champion, double silver Olympic medal winner, and seven-time Tornado world champion, was obliged to withdraw due to an Americas Cup commitment, the list of awards won by these racers is nothing to sneeze at. “I am really sorry to miss this Cata Cup,” confirmed Darren Bundock via video. “It is one of the best events in the Caribbean. But I am in San Diego right now with an AC 45, with an eye on the America’s Cup. Yet I am sure I will be there next year and can’t wait for the 2012 edition of the race.” 

Top-level competitors

While the world champion is not here, the Saint Barth Cata Cup is hosting the vice-champion, Mischa Heemskerk from Holland, who is the big favorite. He won the Cata Cup in 2009, and will sail this year on a Cirrus R, the latest in catamarans. But Mischa has to fight off the American contender John Casey, winner in 2010, Gurvan Bontemps, another member of the Cirrus team, Puerto Rican Enrique Figueroa, Ugo Ferrari champion of Italy 2010, and the impressive champ Yvan Bourgnon. The roster comprises three Belgian teams, one from Puerto Rico, two from the US, two from Italy, one from Canada, one from Switzerland, one from Holland, and 13 duos based in metropolitan France.


A tactical, technical race

The flotilla of catamarans will do battle in races that are both tactical and technical, where they have to deal with the currents and swells, obstacles and conditions along the windward coast. “The majority of the races will take place in the bay of Saint Jean, which is a tactical site with variable conditions,” Pierrick Guilbaud, team leader, windsurfer and sailor who has been navigating around St Barth for the past 23 years. With the trade winds the coastal options can be primordial. To the east, by Coupe Gorge and Pointe Milou, we can take advantage of the acceleration of the wind. Out by the little islands of Chevreau, Frégate, and Toc Vers, you have to be careful of the currents. To the west, by the point of Colombier, is where the swells can be challenging.” On Saturday, during the around-the-island race, the teams will be confronted with the counter currents near the point of Toiny.   “It’s like a real washing machine, where you can’t afford to make mistakes near the coast,” Guilbaud adds. The Caribbean Sea is a racer’s paradise but the turquoise-blue waves can lead into traps along the leeward coast. Navigation here can be complicated and the leaders often see their competition gaining ground.
Trade Winds and Tropical ConditionsWeather forecast: the racers couldn’t ask for anything better. This week in Saint Barth, the trade winds are present, with northeasterly winds of 15 knots and temperatures over 80°F. Ideal wind conditions which might weaken over the weekend, making the races even more tactical. This world-class regatta owes its great reputation as much to the great roster of racers as it does to its excellent racing conditions. A true nautical dream !


The schedule:  
Monday, November 14: Arrival of participants 

Tuesday, November 15: Assembly of boats and sailing to Saint Jean 

Wednesday, November 16: Registration and free sailing 

Thursday, November 17: First race of the day at 2:00pm

Friday, November 18: First race of the day at 9:30am 

Saturday, November 19: First race of the day at 9:30am 

Sunday, November 20: First race of the day at 9:30am; Awards ceremony at 5:00pm

Monday, November 21: At 9:00am, start of informal race to Pinel

Formula 18

With strict design specifications, the Formula 18 boats are the kings of racing catamarans. Those who race them are also found on the America’s Cup circuit and important multi-hull sea races. A sport that is high-speed, tactical, technical, and spectacular.

Specifications : Length: 5.52 m; beam : 2.60 m; Sails: 21.15 m²; Mainsail: 17.00 m²; Jib: 4.15 m²; Spinnaker: 21.00 m²; Weight: 180 kg; Price: approximately 20,000 euros.

© Pierrick Contin /STBarth CataCup 2010© Pierrick Contin /STBarth CataCup 2010© Pascal Alemany© Pascal Alemany

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Under The Tropical Sun
© Pascal Alemany
Fast Facts: • Fourth edition of the Saint Barth Cata Cup, November 16-20 • 50 teams set to compete in the Saint Barth Cata Cup  • 8 nationalities represented, including the top multi-hull racers • Day one dedicated to unpacking and assembling the boats  • Darren Bundock, Manu Boulogne, Mischa Heemskerk, Yvan Bourgnon, Gurvan Bontemps, Bastiaan Tentij … among the favorites !

Second Saint Barth Cata Cup Win For Mischa Heemskerk
© Pascal Alemany
Fast facts: Mischa Heemskerk reigns supreme in Saint Barth John Casey second, Gurvan Bontemps third Last day’s races cancelled due to lack of wind 2012 regatta already on the calendar for the F18 racers

West Indies Day
© Pascal Alemany
Fast facts:  Mischa Heemskerk still in the lead West Indies racers are winners Collision for John Casey 30 mile around the island race for the Saint Barth Cata Cup

Mischa Heemskerk, The Flying Dutchman
© Pascal Alemany
Fast Facts:  • Heemskerk–Casey duel continues • Julien Bontemps in third place • Conditions still exceptional 

Duel Of The Titans
© Pascal Alemany
Fast facts: • Perfect conditions  • Two races open the Saint Barth Cata Cup  • Mischa Heemskerk, John Casey, and Patrick Demesmaeker in the lead 

St Barth Cata Cup Sets Sail November 17
© Pierrick Contin /STBarth CataCup 2010
Fast Facts:  • Fourth annual St Barth Cata Cup Gets Underway  • Champions and passionate amateurs • Technical and tactical races • Tropical conditions 

A World-Class Regatta
© Pierrick Contin /ST BarthCataCup 2010
 Fast Facts:  • Marseille, Amsterdam, Saint Malo, Miami, Saint Barth  • Registrations filled within 48 hours  • “A regatta without equal.” “The regatta where we really have a great time.“  • THE rendezvous for seasoned pros and ambitious amateurs  

The regatta dreams are made of...
November 11, 2011
© Pierrick Contin /STBarth CataCup 2010
Fast facts: Fourth edition of the Saint Barth Cata Cup,November 16-20, 2011 An exceptional regatta A great mix of champions and passionate sailors 50 teams registered to participate in the 2011 Saint Barth Cata Cup 8 nationalities, and the top multi-hull specialists—Darren Bundock, Manu Boulogne, Mischa Heemskerk, Yvan Bourgnon—all out to win!

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