Maxwell & Co joins the St Barth Cata Cup celebrations in a remarkable way !

Dan Maxwell has had a long time love affair for catamaran sailing. A meeting between Dan and Jeff Lédée to discuss his idea on how the fashion industry could get involved in the St Barth Cata Cup resulted in a great partnership between world renowned fashion brands and the event.


Maxwell & Co clothing store for Men and Women has been a destination in Falmouth on Cape Cod for the past 33 years. Founded by Dan Maxwell and his wife Lori in 1984, the landmark store offers the highest standard of tailored clothing, sportswear, denim, footwear and accessories from around the world.


In addition to Maxwell & Co., Kiton (Italy), Transit Par-Such (Italy), Relwen (USA), Paraboot (France), Luciano Barbera (Italy) and Oliver Spencer (UK) have joined the adventure as Challenger boat partners.


« This is only the beginning! I have a vision of fashion industry brands and the St Barth Cata Cup being even more significant over time and I am extremely confident from my ongoing conversations with companies that this will continue to grow into next year », said Dan Maxwell.   


Kiton America’s president explains the « organic » fit between prestigious fashion brands and the St Barth Cata Cup : « One of the similarities between the Cata Cup and our product is certainly the niche audience and how we position our brand as the best of the best plus one, the one being the participant», explains Massimo Bizzochi. « It’s an honor to be part of this adveture with Kiton. It’s a special and unique event with the highest respect for nature. »


To add to the enthusiastic participation of Maxwell & Co, Dan and Lori’s younger son Cooper will also promote his new marketing company, Off Course Management, by sponsoring  Enrique Figueroa and Keki Figueroa’s ‘Gold’ boat. « When I heard that there was still one gold boat available for sponsorship, I immediatly offered to take it ! Soon after, I had the idea for our son Cooper to utilize this boat to promote his newly founded company Off Course Management, which manages and promotes unique music artists and events. The company’s logo will look really good on an F18 », said Dan Maxwell.


Extraordinary generosity

Dan Maxwell and his  life long friend Tim Kings were set to sail in the St Barth Cata Cup but had to unfortunately withdraw. These circumstances turned out for the best for the 2012 Champions Enrique Figueroa and Keki Figueroa who found themselves without a boat after hurricane Irma. Thanks to Dan Maxwell’s generosity, who offered to ship his boat to St-Barth, the crew from Puerto Rico will be able to race in this 10th edition.


« While I am deeply disappointed in not being able to sail this year, nothing could bring me and my family greater joy than to help a most deserving team. For Enrique and Keki to use our boat and be able to sail personally brings me even greater joy than sailing myself », said Dan. 


It’s a true honor to welcome Maxwell & Co’s extended family on board for this anniversary edition of the St Barth Cata Cup.



More information on Maxwell & Co and the mentioned fashion brands :


Maxwell & Co.

Maxwell & Co wasfounded by Dan Maxwell and his wife Lori in 1984. Their landmark store offers the highest standard of tailored clothing, sportswear, denim, footwear and accessories from around the world.



Kiton is a luxury ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing company founded in 1968 in Naples Italy. It is one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world.  


Transit Par-Such

Founded in 1986, Transit Par Such specializes in high quality products fior both men nd women and is known for its efforts in research, experimentation and technology. The company is based in Italy and every product is hand crafted in Italy



Relwen was born in 2007, the product of an American working heritage. Heavily influenced by the fields and farms and great lakes of Ohio and Michigan, the brand has a mission to create the kind of clothing that works and will remain relevant and lasting, a hundred years from now.



Present, across all the continents, Paraboot has been manufacturing in France, for almost 100 years, shoes made to last and for walking as far as possible, using the strengths and skilled hands of men and women. "Authenticity, quality and charm for a true and natural product" is the brand’s motto.


Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera is a high-end clothing company for men who believe in individuality and intelligence. Four decades of quiet elegance from Biella, Italy.


Oliver Spencer

The Oliver Spencer label was founded in 2002 by his eponym. He wanted a collection that mirrored his own wardrobe: a bridge between popular streetwear and traditional tailoring. Quality fabrics. Modern fits. Old-school construction. Characteristic details. Exquisite craftsmanship.

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