Kévin Gréaux et Hervé Brin, St-Barth’s future in sailing

St-Barth’s future in sailing. That’s how we refer to the new crew on this 10th edition formed by Kévin Gréaux and Hervé Brin. Even if they are indeed younger than all of the veteran crews of St-Barth (!!), the two have many years of combined experience in sailing. Kévin and Hervé both started to sail at the age of 7 years old and have experienced different types of boats before discovering F18 thanks to … Thierry Berry !


« I met Thierry during training and traditionnal sailing competitions and he one day suggested that I try the F18, a more sensitive, precise and fast support. It was a thrilling experience! Hervé and I got a chance to put our skills to test for the first time during the mini bucket race, which gave us the opportunity to gain more knowledge and learn how to handle the boat », explains Kévin Gréaux.


Even though sailing is first and foremost for fun and leisure, the spirit of competition is part of the sport and performance and ranking are inevitably sought for. « I have to admit that I get as much pleasure in taking beginners out on the water to discover sailing than by challenging experienced crews. I have come to realize that you never learn as quick and well than in a regatta ! »


First time at the St Barth Cata Cup

This 10th edition will be a first for the young crew from St-Barth. Even if they admit to be a little « behind » in experience sailing a F18, they certainly don’t intend to sail in the end of the pack ! « We’d like to have a good ranking and fully enjoy this experince», says Kévin. « Admittedly we are not raising our hopes too high but we are not going there to be spectators. The goal is to test ourselved and for that we will give it our all. If despite all of our efforts our ranking is not what we would have hoped, we wil still be happy to have sailed at the event and will improve the following year! »


That’s very well said. We are delighted to welcome this young crew for our anniversary edition and see that the sailing future of St-Barth is assured !

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